Ubiquiti UVP UniFi VoIP Phone



Ubiquiti UVP UniFi VoIP Phone

Ubiquiti UVP UniFi VoIP Phone

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The UVP UniFi VoIP Phone from Ubiquiti Networks features a 5" color touchscreen and smartphone technology so you can make VoIP telephony calls and have access to your Android apps. The VoIP phone comes built with Gigabit Ethernet connectivity that connects to your 802.3af-compliant switch and UniFi Security Gateway. It is powered via a PoE port on the switch. Setup is easy with the included UniFi Controller software program, letting you manage, configure, and personalize all Android-based UniFi VoIP phones on the same network. There's also a micro-USB port for connecting the UVP phone to a computer.

Featuring the Android Kit Kat (v4.4.2) operating system, this phone lets you access your email and contacts, surf the Internet, and run apps from the Google Play store. You can dial phone numbers or swipe through images on the 5" multi-touch display, which offers a screen resolution of 640 x 960. To handle the OS, Ubiquiti has armed the phone with a 1.2 GHz dual-core Cortex A9 processor along with 1GB of RAM. For storage, 4GB is available for your apps. Aside from the smartphone features, the phone sports a wired ergonomic handset as well as a mono speaker and an omnidirectional microphone for hands-free calling. Headsets are supported by the phone's 3.5mm audio jack. In addition, DSP is on board to enhance your calling experience


Suitable for Corporate Environments

- Enterprise desktop smartphone solution with 5” high-definition color display

- Touchscreen display for navigation

- Sleek and elegant design

- Designed for communication, organization, and productivity

- High-fidelity audio

- Multiple UniFi VoIP Phones can be easily deployed and managed with UniFi software, and each phone can be uniquely personalized

- Bundled with UniFi Controller software at no extra cost - no separate software, licensing, or support fee


Plug-and-Play Installation

- A standard Ethernet cable can be used to connect and power the UniFi VoIP phone with a UniFi Switch (or other 802.3af compliant switch)

- Designed to integrate with UniFi Controller and UniFi Security Gateway, so the phone is automatically provisioned for fast deployment


PBX Integration

- Ubiquiti’s proprietary SDN software, UniFi Controller, readily integrates with a scalable PBX system for management of features such as call logging, auto-attendant, voicemail, and mass configuration

- The VoIP phone is suitable for quick deployment in small businesses, corporate locations, schools, and hotels


Android Operating System

- Powered by Android Kit Kat (v4.4.2) OS

- Allows you to download and install your favorite apps from the Google Play store, stream media, browse the Internet, and access content created and stored in your Google accounts

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Thông số kỹ thuật

UniFi VoIP Phone (UVP)


5", 640 x 960, 231 ppi, full color


Yes, multi-touch


Power: White, glowing


Dynamic Receiver: 32 Ω / 101 dB / 30 mW

Microphone: Omni-directional / -36 dB / 2.2 kΩ

Echo Cancellation

DSP eliminates ambient noise and acoustic echoes

Hands-Free Options

Speaker: Mono

Microphone: Omni-directional analog type silicon microphone

SNR: 61 dB with ±5 dB tolerance

Sensitivity: -38 dB with ±3 dB tolerance


2 x 10/100/1000 Ethernet

1 x USB 2.0 micro USB port

1 x 3.5 mm audio jack with 270 mW CTIA (LRGM) for headset

Event Detection

Volume up/down and media detection for accessory


Dual-core Cortex A9, 1.2 GHz


4 GB (shared with other applications)


1 GB


Android Kit Kat (Version 4.4.2)

Voice Codecs

G.722 / Speex / iLBC / PCMU / PCMA / GSM


UniFi Phone App for communication

Management Features





6.5 x 5.5 x 7.2" (16.6 x 14.0 x 18.3 cm)


2.43 lb (1.10 kg)

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